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All is not what it seems

Cover of The Lemon Sisters
A review of The Lemon Sisters by Jill Shalvis
Brooke Lemon has led an adventurous life as a photojournalist and editor traveling around the world, and would appear to have a life anyone would envy….except….appearances are not always what they seem. So too with Brooke's older sister Mindy. She also seems to have the perfect life. She's married to a doctor, has three (mostly) adorable children, and work she enjoys at the local franchise of a business started by their father. But, when Mindy shows up at her sister’s door practically hysterical with sleep deprivation and more, it looks like her life is no more perfect than Brooke’s.​
Shalvis has written a complex story regarding communication, honest and otherwise. Though she is better known for her romance novels, Shalvis here delves into women's fiction and adds layers of complexity to her characters in this compulsively readable book. I enjoyed this one a lot.
Nov 7, 2019