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1.) While we’re all staying #saferathome, what or who has inspired you? We want to celebrate the everyday heroes in your neighborhood or in the @CityofMadison with our new #LookForwardMadison campaign. 

2.) We want to hear from you! Tell us about a neighbor who made you smile, a co-worker who’s making life easier for the community, or share a project close to your heart. #LookForwardMadison

3.) For nearly 120 years, a version of “Forward”, Wisconsin’s motto, has stood outside the capitol. With #LookForwardMadison, we want to celebrate that uniquely @CityofMadison spirit we see every day in the positive programs, resources, projects, etc. that our community creates. Share your story by tagging @LookForwardMsn or using #LookForwardMadison.

4.) In ways big and small, neighbors have been supporting and uplighting one another through these difficult times. #LookForwardMadison from @CityofMadison celebrates these efforts and focuses on inclusivity, positivity, and resilience as we all stay #saferathome.

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**Especially important for the first post you share - you can tag people on the photo/graphic.