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Hi [Partner, Organization, Co-worker, Friend, Family member]

I want to share a new initiative that I think you’ll enjoy! The City of Madison wants to recognize the vital creative efforts of those in the Madison community. In ways big and small, neighbors have been supporting and uplifting one another through these difficult times. Through a collaborative effort, in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office, [Madison Public Library] will be launching LOOK FORWARD, a social media and public art initiative to promote a sense of connectedness spanning across all neighborhoods and communities within the City of Madison. This campaign will focus on  inclusivity, positivity, and resilience during this challenging time as we are looking forward together and staying safe at home. 

We need a little help from you getting this up and going! And we invite you to participate however feels right.

  • Takes 2 seconds : LIKE / SHARE / TAG @lookforwardmadison on Facebook and Instagram or @lookforwardmsn on Twitter. Use #LookForwardMadison when posting. 
  • Takes 2 minutes: Consider sharing the LOOK FORWARD project more widely through your website and or e-newsletter. 
  • Takes 5 minutes: Create a short video (one minute or less) that shares how you and your organization are ‘looking forward.’  

Do you have stories you’d like featured? You can submit them online at:

Looking forward,