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Computers at Goodman South Madison

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This page only has information about computer access specific to Goodman South Madison Library. For general information, including your rights as a computer user, please see the main Internet and Computer Access page.


All computers have Microsoft Office and usage is limited to 4 hours.

  •     Monday–Friday: 10am-7:45pm
  •     Saturday: 9am-4:45pm
  •     Sunday: 1-4:45pm (check Locations page for Sunday hours)

Library computers are available on a first come, first served basis.

Patrons with Young Children

This location has a room or area that is equipped with a computer that can only be reserved for patrons with young children. Please call 608-266-6395 for availability.


Printing is available for a fee:

  • Black-and-white prints: .10 per page
  • Color prints: .50 per page


Scanning is available at this location by:

  • Using a flatbed scanner at the public computing stations
  • Scanning to a flash/thumb drive using the photocopier (staff will scan for patrons)


Staff will make requested copies for patrons.


Check with staff about free public faxing using the photocopier.


The Goodman South Library has an electric typewriter that is available for in-library use only. No registration is required; check with staff for availability.

Wireless Information

No security code is required for the unsecured wireless network.