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Online Curbside Pickup Service Scheduling

Curbside Pickup is quick and easy using our online scheduler. Try it below!  

How to Schedule a Pickup Appointment Online

After you've been notified you have a hold to pick up, you can schedule a pickup.


  1. At the login screen, enter your Card Number and Password (your account PIN) to schedule an appointment. Your scheduled time must be at least an hour in advance.
  2. Choose Book a Pickup to schedule an appointment an hour or more in advance.
    Choose Manage Existing Pickup to cancel an existing pickup appointment.
  • NOTE: We are not using the Check-in for Pickup feature at Madison Public Library.


  1. After choosing Book a Pickup, you'll see the item(s) you're waiting on and the location you chose to pick them up.

    If the information is correct, click on Schedule Pickup. If that's not correct, call the pickup library and we'll help get it sorted out.


  1. Select your Day and Available Time for pickup. 
  • You will see options for the next three days and any available times. Check your holds pickup notification to make sure your hold does not expire before your selected date and time.


  1. Indicate how you will arrive at the library:
  • If you are walking to your location or if you are driving and are going to get out of your car and pick up your hold from a table, select No Vehicle. I will be making a walk-up reservation
    If you are driving and will be staying in your vehicle during the entire pickup, select Add Vehicle (Nickname, Color, License, Make, Model) or select a previously added vehicle.
  • We use your vehicle information in order to find your car to deliver materials to you. Once you've entered a vehicle, it will show up each time you log in again. You can add or delete vehicles affiliated with your profile any time you schedule a pickup.


  1. On the same screen, indicate Where would you like to pickup?
  • Some libraries may have more than one option, others will have single option pre-selected and will have instructions for picking up materials
  1. Then, indicate Where would you like us to place your items?
  • Again, choices may vary depending on library.


  1. Further down on the same screen, you can leave Notes for Library Staff if desired, and an Email so we can email you a reminder about your appointment
  2. If you are picking up holds for other people, please enter their names and library card numbers in the notes field.
  3. Select Finish when ready.


Congratulations - you've scheduled an online appointment! We'll see you soon.


We recognize that this isn't a full-fledged app for scheduling and managing holds with a direct, live connection to LINKcat, but due to customer feedback, we're offering this new service as a way to limit the number of calls you have to make and allow you to schedule appointments outside of our current staffing times. Please share feedback with, and thank you for using our Curbside Pickup Service.


Have a question? Contact our Circulation Department by phone (608-266-6357) or email.