Through the catalog or online, we have lots of great resources, including Mango Languages.

In the Catalog

Try Transparent Language! From the company: "Providing clear guidance and structure, all the while leaving the user in complete control, this interactive, self-study language program delivers a rich rewarding learning experience for all levels. Offered for both Windows and Mac computers." Check the catalog for the software, which comes on a USB drive.

Access learning materials by doing a Subject search for spanish language self instruction, french language self instruction, or many other languages!

Access reading materials by going go our Advanced Search page and limiting to the language of your choice.

Learn Online

Mango Languages [connect] [more] [availability]
An online language-learning system for help learning languages such as Spanish, French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Mandarin Chinese, Greek, Italian and Russian and more.

LearningExpress Library welcome screen
LearningExpress Library [connect] [more] [availability]
Civil service, high school and college prep & citizenship tests, and other information for career training. Create an account to test and track your progress. Includes TOEFL and some materials in Spanish.

Read Online

Escolar [connect] [more] [availability]
A Spanish elementary encyclopedia, containing images, Spanish-language videos, and learning materials specifically designed for younger students.

LearningExpress Library welcome screen
LexisNexis Library Express [connect] [more] [availability]
Search a wealth of news, company and financial information, and legal research sources. Some foreign languages available.

Where's Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone refuses to sell their products to libraries and we cannot purchase additional copies of their software. Try Mango Languages, Transparent Language, or many of the other options available through our catalog.