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Early Childhood STEM Kits

Madison Public Library's Early Childhood STEM kits were funded with the support of the Alliant Energy Company. Each kit contains a set of resources, books, and activities to explore a different aspect of Science, Technology, Engineering or Math for children from 3-5 years old - everything from simple tools and machines, to magnetism, to color and light. Many of these activities are ones that you can do at home with simple materials. Learn more about our STEM kit philosophy, explore our question prompts to accompany any of the kids, or browse our database of projects and instructions below to start learning! 

These kits are available for check out to early childcare centers, preschools, and 4K classrooms for 4-6 week periods. This allows children to have repeat experiences with activities and texts and to build a stronger understanding of the concepts. If you are an early childhood educator and would like to know more, send us an email to and see the full list of kits available at MPL.