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Wizard School

Reviewed on 9/11/15

An astounding amount of interesting information and inspiring invitations to create and share your own ideas are packed into this fantastic app.  With content curated by educators and well-organized into subject areas, there’s something for everyone here! Want to learn about robots? Or see how to create silly faces in public places using only two wiggle eyes? Or learn how to design a tree house? The videos and creativity prompts are engaging  for kids and adults alike! Because there is a coin-earning element (you earn coins for doing any of the activities and you spend coins to “buy” parts for the creations you make), a safe social “sharing” element and occasional text (that isn’t read aloud) this app is more appropriate for older kids or for a parent to use alongside younger kids.  A great way to spark ideas for rainy-day activities! (note: this app was originally called Wonderbox.  The name changed in August of 2016 when the developer partnered with Khan Academy.)