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Universe in a Nutshell

Sun, planet, worm and cell scattered across a dark purple background
Reviewed on 9/24/20

An engaging way to explore the universe and get a sense for the relative size of things. Simply by swiping left or right, the user zooms in towards the tiniest thing in the universe and zooms out to see... the whole observable universe. Each of the items can be clicked on to learn a little more.  Some of the images are animated and some are not, but they're all cute illustrations and are accompanied by fascinating, yet light-hearted information. I haven't read every single blurb myself, but the app is rated 4+ so the content should be fairly kid-friendly although it wasn't designed specifically for children (I did find a reference to "getting the hell away" if you encountered a giant squid in real life, so if that level of language bothers you, just a heads-up that there might be more like that). The app does NOT include a "read-to-me" option, so if your pre-reader wants to explore it, you'll need to have someone who can read sitting nearby to read the text.  In the time I spent browsing through the information, my jaw dropped several times in astonishment and I expect there is a bounty of other astounding information tucked into this app yet to be discovered. Even if you learn nothing new by reading through this app, zooming through the layers will give you an amazing sense of where humans fit (size-wise) into the universe and in some ways, that's oddly comforting in this time of great crises.  If you enjoy this content and would like more, Kurzgesagt has a whole YouTube channel of cleverly animated explainer videos on a wide variety of topics.  Again, these are not specifically made for children, so viewer beware.  The YouTube channel also has a Spanish language version and a German version.