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Toca Life World: Build Stories

Girl with blue hair holds a globe
Reviewed on 6/17/20

All of the Toca Life apps gathered into one big world, plus way more elements that don't exist in stand-alone apps.  If you already own some of the Toca Life apps (like Toca Life: School or Toca Life: Farm), those sets will show up in this app.  You can play with any of the characters from any of the sets and bring them into other worlds.  There are also other elements that you can purchase as add-ons, including an incredibly powerful character creator and a building design tool. This is a massive app with nearly limitless possibilities for play. Each scene has the option to record the play that's happening on the screen plus your voice saying what you want the characters to say, so you can build your own stories (as short videos) however you want. Parents should be aware that some of the bundles available for purchase in the app are quite expensive, but they do require your password to purchase. If you don't want to purchase extras, no problem -- the app gives "free gifts" every week, new characters, new outfits, new animals, it's a surprise each time!

Age group: Grades K-2, Grades 3-5