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Toca Hair Salon Me

Reviewed on 4/9/16

Toca Hair Salon Me is actually the third hair styling toy app that Toca Boca has developed and the element that is unique to this version is the ability to add your own photos to the app.  This allows you to try out crazy hairstyles on your own head, your mom's head, your baby sister's head, even crazy hairstyles on your pet! Another feature that makes this app unique on the market is that the facial photo that you use actually gets animated.  The eyes close when you're adding spray-on hair color, and follow your finger as it moves around the screen, the mouth opens to utter appropriate exclamations (not really word-based, per se, to keep this app accessible to users not matter what language they speak at home), all of which add some really solid humor to this already fun app.  There are seven different stations in this hair salon, including cut (and grow, yay!), curl, wash/dry, color, photograph & accessorize.  You can change the look as many times as you want, no time limits, no right or wrong way to play. If you enjoy this app, be sure to check out Toca Hair Salon and Toca Hair Salon 2 where the clientele are diverse and open to all of your hair styling recommendations.