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Tales Untold

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Reviewed on 8/22/20

Podcasts for kids in one app, no subscription required! This app includes 6 different audio shows for kids. The app is free to download and listen to the first episode of each show, then you can pay once to listen to the rest of the episodes in each show. If you're looking for a way to enjoy audio stories without the wide-open options of the regular Podcasts app or the ongoing payments of a subscription model like Pinna, then this is a good option. Unfortunately, it appears that there hasn't been any new content added since 2016, but since each of these shows has 10-20 episodes, this app will still give you a lot to listen to. Shows include: Dingus Fly, Private Eye; Radbert (a silly monster show); Inspector 9 (magical adventure); A Little About a Lot (non-fiction); Trunk Show (dress-up adventures); Trouble with Wishes (5 children discover a forest gnome). Some of the stories are also available for free on Kindle or on Audible.