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white letter S with a black outline on a blue background
Reviewed on 3/12/22

If you love Wordle and you think your child might enjoy it too, if it weren't for some of those really obscure vocabulary words.... try Spellie! Just like Wordle, Spellie isn't found in the app store, it's available for free, on the web and you can play whenever you'd like! Spellie has an easy (4-letters, one hint already given) mode, medium and hard mode.  When you solve a word on Easy or Medium mode, you also "unlock" an emoji for that word for your "collection." The app gives hints if you need them and there's a number of different options in the settings (capitals vs. lower case, keyboard layout or Alphabetical, high contrast) to customize it to your preferences. There is a "share" option, but instead of directly connecting to a social media platform, the image is simply copied to a clipboard so you can paste it wherever you'd like to share it.