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Reviewed on 1/6/16

note: this app may not work with newer devices.

Sharpen your listening skills with this audio memory game. Charming watercolor + ink illustrations provide a visual backdrop, but to find a match you must use your ears.  Some games are fairly simple (e.g. different animal sounds) and some are very challenging (e.g. different recordings of laughter). Sometimes the illustrations and the simple voiceover don’t seem to match up, but if you can get past that little oddity, this app is a unique memory game that will challenge even adults.  The first one or two games do provide a visual clue along with the sound, but after that, only question marks appear while you listen to the sound. When you’ve solved all of the puzzles, there’s one huge bonus round that’s big enough (and challenging enough) for four players to play together!

Age group: Preschool, Grades K-2