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Reviewed on 8/19/16

Build your own skyline full of towering buildings and explore how the insides work. Players begin with one building.  They can add floors to make it as tall as they want (topping out at 50 stories), choose the design for the top of the building and a color scheme and facade for the outside. Once they’re happy with the design of their building, it’s time to explore the inner workings.  How do the elevators divide up all the work?  What happens if too many people are using high-energy electrical appliances at once? What happens if a toilet gets clogged on one of the floors below yours?  There’s also an opportunity to experiment with different kinds of bedrock support systems and earthquakes and extreme weather.  How will your tower manage the stress? The people characters inhabiting and working in these skyscrapers are refreshingly diverse in race, gender and body shape. Filled with open-ended content to discover and experiment with and yet, I’m guessing that many kids will get the most enjoyment out of clogging the toilets--hilarious!

Age group: Grades K-2