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Shake the Tree

Reviewed on 4/24/17

Shake the tree and see what falls out! This simple app, based on their book with the same title (currently available only in the Italian language version) invites users to shake a tree (by dragging or tapping with a finger, not by shaking the device) to see what animal falls out of the tree next.  A few more taps on the animal will produce a funny little animation as the animal figures out a unique way to get back up into the tree. The gameplay changes subtly with repeat play, giving it even greater value! This app is perfect for the youngest users as there is only very simple hand-eye coordination required and the app also includes a logical “ending,” making it easier to say “all done!” and turn it off when it’s finished. If you liked their earlier app called The White Book (also based on a print book), you will enjoy Shake the Tree! 

Age group: Baby/toddler, Preschool