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Shadows Journal

Reviewed on 12/1/17

Go on a treasure hunt for shadows! This app is part of the Nico & Nor series of science explorations for early learners. Users choose one of three areas to work in -- “cool shadows” where they can record photos of whatever shadows they want to take pictures of, “shadow hunt” in which they are given open-ended prompts like “find a shadow of something small” or “find a shadow on the wall” and they photograph shadows following the prompts, and then a third area called “Mystery Shadows” where they are prompted to take a photo of an object casting a shadow and then a second photo of just the shadow.  These pairs of photos then become a guessing game that kids can challenge friends and family with! There is a thorough letter to educators and parents with other ideas for extending the learning and an additional app called “Shadow Play” that also elaborates on different concepts about shadows.