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Seedling Scavenger Bingo

Reviewed on 11/15/15

A photo treasure hunt app to play with friends and family! Choose the environment where you’d like to play (your house, backyard, road trip, supermarket, etc.) and the game will randomly assign you some items to find (you can choose to play 9 or 16 items). When you find an item, tap on the icon that matches it, take a picture and then your photo replaces the icon on the board. The game tracks your time and you have the option to “join a nearby game” if a friend has the app on their device and you can compete to find the most images quickly. A premium fee allows users to create their own game (e.g. choose the cat icon, but label it with your own pet’s name!) or access treasure hunts for a few specific locations (Navy Pier in Chicago, Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, etc.).  A simple concept, but a fun way to encourage users to get moving and interact with their environment and other people while using an electronic device.