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Sago Mini Zoo

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Reviewed on 1/12/19

Visit a virtual zoo with Sago Mini!  In this app, users can explore different areas of the zoo (bamboo forest, jungle, arctic, gift shop, vet's office, zookeeper's shed), picking up the animals and taking them to different areas, trying hats on them from the gift shop, buying drinks from the vending machine, swinging on the banana swing, packing some animal feed into the zookeeper's Jeep and more! With no timers, rules or wrong ways to try something, this app does an excellent job of encouraging self-directed play. Pairing this with an actual visit to a zoo or photos from your most recent zoo trip will benefit your child even further.  This app is also available as part of the Sago Mini World subscription.

Age group: Baby/toddler, Preschool