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Sago Mini World

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Reviewed on 11/13/18

If you're new to the world of children's apps or if you haven't purchased any (or many) of the Sago Mini apps and especially if you're looking for some great digital road trip entertainment for very young children, then THIS IS THE APP FOR YOU!  Every single Sago Mini app in the app store (there are currently 30!) plus a few that haven't yet hit the app store as stand-alone apps are available in this one single app. You can preview it for free for one week, then either cancel or subscribe with an annual or monthly fee. I am not normally a fan of subscription-based apps, but since I trust Sago Mini to put out truly high-quality apps and since I know you'll get access to their new apps about a month before they hit the general app store, I think this is one is worth it. (Pssst.... keep an eye out for "Black Friday" subscription sales!) One of the apps that you'll have access to with Sago Mini World that is currently not available in the app store (and which they have no current plans to release as a stand-alone app) is Magic Camera.  If you've played any of their explorer games before (Superhero, Planes, etc.) the format will be familiar -- navigate to the little sunshine symbols and discover a fun surprise -- but this app moves into an Augmented Reality setting, so you're looking for those sunshines all over your own house or wherever you are at the moment.  If you happen to own their Jinja House Playset, there's a whole bunch of great AR animations that the house will trigger as well. Sago Mini is my top pick for apps for young children.  There's no right or wrong answers, only a chance to explore, play and giggle in a safe environment with a lovable set of characters that will quickly become familiar.

Age group: Baby/toddler