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Sago Mini Planes

Reviewed on 11/8/16

It’s time to take a trip and you’re the pilot!  Choose your plane (standard or silly like a corn-on-the-cob plane?), choose your travel companions, then take off and explore the skies!  You’ll encounter all sorts of giggle-inducing surprises and you can fly for as long as you like.  Do you want to fly really high among the stars or closer to earth under friendly blue skies?  When you’re done (or want to try out another plane), simply fly down close to the earth and a runway will magically appear wherever you are.  After your flight, be sure to check out the souvenir photos of your trip which will include the surprises that you actually encountered on this particular flight and the traveling companions that were with you--a subtle but really nice touch by the app makers. As with all Sago Mini apps, this one is easy and fun for young toddlers but older kids will also gravitate towards it to discover all of the fun details. Try this one the next time you travel or for kiddos who love vehicles!

Age group: Baby/toddler, Preschool