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Sago Mini Music Box

Reviewed on 12/21/15

A music box that allows users to choose the pace and rhythm of songs. Tap with one finger and hear one note at a time (played in a higher register if you tap the upper part of the screen, in a lower register if you tap lower on the screen), tap with multiple fingers to hear more complex orchestration.  You can tap in the song's traditional rhythm, or syncopated for a jazzy version or just tap along and enjoy making musical sounds with your fingers.  Each tap on the screen pops up a new image (clouds in the sky, flowers on the ground, etc.) and sometimes you get surprises! To slow down the movement across the screen, try holding your fingertip down on the screen or draw slow circles. Because there are no sung lyrics and these are well-known traditional children's tunes, this app provides an excellent opportunity for you to sing together with your child.  Singing slows down language and helps kids to hear the smaller parts in words--an excellent early literacy skill to build!

Age group: Baby/toddler, Preschool