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Sago Mini First Words

A cartoony red parrot holds a microphone and speaks a few lines into it
Reviewed on 5/12/22

Got a kiddo who needs a little extra help speaking words? Sago Mini has worked with a team of speech-language pathologists to create this beautifully simple, kid-friendly speech therapy app. First, users will choose a general topic (e.g. animals, letter sounds, etc.) and within that category there are different exercises for individual words (e.g. dog, the letter B, etc.).  Each word (or letter) starts with a question about that word, then you see video of a human child (live action, not cartoon), speaking the word or letter carefully 3 times and then users are asked to say the word themselves.  The app has a sensor to pick up the sounds the user is saying and only progresses towards the next activity once they've pronounced the word a few times. There's also a chance for kids to see themselves on video (picture-in-picture style) pronouncing the words and they might also get a fun little hat or ears or something related to the word as a filter on their face in the video.  The classic Sago Mini characters make appearances throughout the app to encourage users and to model the words in a sentence.  There's also a whole segment with different mouth exercises! There's also the option to customize the levels according to your child's age and ability. You can download the app for free to test it out and see if your child responds well to it and if you think it's a great fit for your family and you'd like to use it without limits, there's a subscription fee.  Sago Mini is one of the most trustworthy and thoughtful app developers on the market today and this app is an excellent example of their intentionality and high quality. Works well both for professional speech therapists and in a home setting.

Age group: Baby/toddler, Preschool