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Sago Mini Apartment

Reviewed on 4/29/18

Visit seven Sago Mini friends in each of their apartments and discover what they like to do at home! From cooking and gardening to building and exercise, each friend has their own favorite activity.  In addition to the familiar Sago Mini characters, we’ll also get to know Astrid the garden gnome, Kiki the raccoon and Neville the penguin. Kids will enjoy taking the elevator between floors and discovering the silly surprises hidden within each activity.  Do you think they’ll enjoy onion ice cream cones? What musical sound does a crab make? Subtle touches like jazzy nursery rhyme songs as elevator music are one of the hallmark touches of Sago Mini apps. Will your child zip through every floor first, peeking in on every different activity or pick their favorite character and never go back into the elevator again?  There’s no wrong way to play with this app, so just sit back and enjoy watching your child make their own decisions about what to do.

Age group: Baby/toddler, Preschool