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Robot Factory

Reviewed on 6/5/17

Design your own robot, then take it for a walk in the great outdoors and see how it handles the environment!  Will your robot, walk, stroll or roll?  Will it have laser arms or a brain floating in a glass jar? Will it be able to chop down trees or leap over them in a single bound?  Or maybe, just maybe, you can design the master of the dancefloor!  There are so many options in Tinybop's Robot Factory.  Choose accessories, appendages, a color scheme, then take it a step further and give your robot a name and a backstory!  This app is crammed with options and the possibilities are endless.  That appendage there -- is it a leg?  An arm?  A head?  You choose where to install it on the robot! Feeling overwhelmed by the options?  Check out the robot manual that tells you all about each and every robot part and the different skills and traits it will impart upon your robot. Once you've created a few robots, challenge someone else to come up with a robot that can jump higher than yours or the silliest robot or the most beautiful robot.  Learn more about the makers of this app on the library's App Fairy podcast here!

Age group: Grades K-2, Grades 3-5