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Read Ready Run!

Read Ready Run
Reviewed on 6/14/18

An easy reader book that responds to your child reading aloud?  For only a few bucks? Yes, please! What could be more motivating to new readers than a book that actually responds to them reading the words?  When they read the word “Run” the character runs! When they read the phrase, “run faster” he runs faster! When they read the next phrase, “run really fast” the character’s legs turn into a spinning spiral of speed!  Simple text, silly storylines and appealing illustrations make this app an excellent partner to print books for early reader practice. The microphone occasionally might struggle to pick up your child’s voice so they might have to say the word a few times or push the “play” button in the corner to advance to the next page, but other than those occasional technical glitches, this app is wonderful.  You can get the first story for free and if you love the app, make a few in-app purchases to get two more stories about different characters. While there is some overlap in the storylines, there’s also original content in each story (just like many print easy reader series).

Age group: Preschool, Grades K-2