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Pok Pok Playroom

A jumble of colorful playthings including a yellow square face with blue hair, blue eyes and a red mouth, a red and blue toy car, red, blue and green crayons and a ladybug
Reviewed on 6/17/21

An app of truly open-ended play for little ones! As of the writing of this review, there are six different virtual play areas (they are adding more options as they are developed), including a tiny neighborhood scene to explore (including a child in a wheelchair and lots of other people characters to move around), a play area filled with switches and levers and all sorts of controls to experiment with (pretend you're the pilot!  Or that you're a famous scientist! Or a space alien!), some oozy shapes that make different sounds when you tap on them and some curious people blocks to stack.  There's also a page that's just filled with images of people and objects that would be great to spark conversations with your toddler or to inspire a scavenger hunt with your preschool aged kid -- it even features a nursing mom! All of these play areas are designed for slow, gentle exploration, not overstimulating or addicting for young kiddos. This app would be perfect to explore together while stuck in a carseat on a road trip or while waiting in other situations where it's not possible to run around and play with physical objects. It has a free trial period and is a paid subscription app after that.

Age group: Baby/toddler, Preschool