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PODCAST: The Imagine Neighborhood

colorful buildings and a cloud above the words the imagine neighborhood
Reviewed on 2/13/21

It's not an app, but it's an excellent digital media resource and you should know about it. I discovered this podcast after it won the Excellence in Early Learning Digital Media Award from ALA and my daughter and I both love it! While I normally wouldn't be excited to listen to a kids podcast about social-emotional learning, these guys have spun together the PERFECT balance of silly characters, ridiculous storylines, music (not "kids" music--stuff you'd hear on the radio) and just enough talk about emotions that we keep wanting to come back and listen again.  We laugh out loud together AND STILL when asked to tell her grandparents what the show was about, she talked about the emotion content, not Princess Donnasaurus or Macho Supreme (two of my favorite characters).  Perfect for listening together at lunchtime, in the car or at bedtime. Go to their website to find the podcast on Sittcher or Spotify or click on the links here to find it on Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts.