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Plum's Creaturizer

Reviewed on 9/21/15

Design your own imaginative creature, then photograph them outside in their natural habitat. This free app from PBS Kids encourages users to get outside and do some creative problem solving.  First, users are assigned a randomly generated creature with all mixed-up features. Kids can choose which body parts they want to keep or tap on body parts to change them to something different. They can choose whether to try to get parts that all “match” or pick their favorite mixed up parts to make a totally new and different species. Once they’ve finished designing their animal, the app generates four “challenges” that go along with the features they’ve chosen. Does your animal have strong front claws? You might get a question asking you where the animal might dig. Go find a good digging spot and take a picture of your animal there! You can see the animal on the screen and move or resize the animal to make it fit well into the photo you’re taking. You can even put yourself in the photo! An app that gets your body moving and keeps your imagination active.

Age group: Baby/toddler, Preschool