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PEEP Family Science: Ramps

Reviewed on 12/5/17

Learn all about ramps with PEEP and the Big Wide World.  This app introduces 8 mini-lessons about ramps using video from the television show PEEP and the Big Wide World.  First, users watch a short video clip (less than 10 min) of either PEEP and his friends using ramps (slides, sleds on a snowy hill, etc.) or a video of children playing with ramps and slopes.  After the video is done, there are some discussion questions to talk about together and then a hands-on activity where kids can make their own slope / ramp and to play and experiment with.  This app would work well in a preschool or early elementary classroom as well as at home with an adult working together with a child. There is also a Spanish version of the app as a separate download called “PEEP Ciencias en familia: Rampas.”  The movies have been dubbed in Spanish and the questions and instructions have all been translated into Spanish, but oddly the letter to parents is still (unfortunately) only in English.

Age group: Preschool