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Papoo - Music -

Papoo - Music -
Reviewed on 8/20/18

A simple app about music for the youngest users. In each of 5 different categories of music (of which some are clear, like wind or percussion instruments and others are less clear -- why is a trumpet in a category marked by a microphone, but a trombone is in a category with a pictures of musical notation?) there are 6 different instruments (for a total of 30 instruments).  When users tap on an illustration of an instrument a photo of the instrument or of someone playing the instrument shows up on the screen.  The photo is accompanied by a short musical sample of that what that instrument sounds like.  The creators of this app have done a nice job of finding a diverse representation of both musicians and musical styles. One other unique feature of the app is a timer that keeps track of how long your child has been using the app.  Once they’ve been playing on it for 8 minutes, the app plays a short musical interlude, then shows an image of a landscape in which the sun goes down and the moon comes up and that image stays on the screen until the app is closed.
Note: the title is somewhat awkwardly vague and to find it in the iTunes store you *must* include the dashes and spaces exactly as listed here OR use the link provided here.

Age group: Baby/toddler, Preschool