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Pango Musical March

raccoon in a marching band uniform plays a sousaphone on a pink background
Reviewed on 3/10/21

Play around with four types of strolling musician groups in this app for kids. First, choose which type of band you'd like to play with -- traditional marching band, mariachi band, electronic robot band or a Japanese group or mix and match all four.  Then, drag instruments from the bottom of the screen up onto the upper part of the screen and an animated animal will start to play the instrument as they walk across the screen.  Layer in more instruments for a richer sound or play them one at at time so you know exactly what they sound like on their own. You can also play with the speed of the music, playing it slow and low or speed it up for a fast, high-pitched song while the musicians adjust their walking pace accordingly. If your child enjoys apps that create music, this one has some complex music that still all (more or less) works together no matter how you mix and match.