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The Other Way Round

pink rabbit, blue bird and yellow chick on a black background
Reviewed on 1/9/21

Minibombo's newest app is all about opposites. In this app, appropriate for even the youngest players, you first choose which animal you'd like to play with. Each animal then has a series of opposite options.  Players can choose whether the animal might be tall or short, for example, or far or near.  Your choice will change the appearance of the animal on the screen and then they continue to walk through the game with this new characteristic. Then they encounter another set of opposites from which to choose. After about four rounds of modifying your animal, they come up with a unique way to exit the screen, then you go back to the main menu (where you can see your character with their new characteristics) and choose to either choose the same animal again and try different options or choose a new animal altogether. The app does not have a "read to me" option, so if you want your child to benefit from the great vocabulary that this app offers (e.g. "shrill" "deflated" "wavy"), I recommend playing it through with your child at least the first few times. The app also includes common and easy-to-read words (e.g. "sad" "tall") that are great opportunities for early readers to practice their reading skills with visual clues. The app is available in many languages, but there's not an option to choose language within the app -- that's determined by the primary langauge you've chosen for your device. Simple to use with lots of repeat play value (choosing different combinations leads to different animations) and a touch of humor make this app a great addition to your app collection for young users.