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OLO game

Reviewed on 3/23/19

A deceptively simple game of flicking circles across a divided field. You can choose the two player or four player mode, then take turns bouncing a circle across the screen. You can slide it slowly and hope that your circle lands on your opponent's side safely. You can slide it fast and watch it bounce off the edges and other circles and see if it lands where you want it to or whether it bounces your opponent's circles out of bounds. You can aim for empty space or aim to strategically hit another circle. If a circle lands out of bounds, a digital finger reaches out and swipes the circle back out of play. You can choose between different themes that change the color scheme of the playing field and circles as well as the fingers themselves (human fingers? Animal "fingers"? Robot fingers? Your choice!). Parents should be aware that there is an "online" option on the first screen, but if you aren't set up with the Game Center or if you're playing with your device unconnected from the internet, there is no way to connect with other players. This game encourages strategic thinking, sometimes negotiation with your opponent ("I'll try to bounce your circle back into the right spot if you promise not to push me out of bounds"), and best of all, time playing with another person -- the screen becomes only a tool like a deck of cards or a game board.