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Mystery Math Town

Reviewed on 3/23/16

Fireflies have been scattered throughout Mystery Math Town. You help a chipper little floating ghost search through funky abandoned houses in town to gather them back up. To get through doorways and passages you must build equations to solve math problems. As you play you will discover hanging portraits that speak to you and offer bits of background information about what is actually happening in this town. Once you find all of the fireflies, you gain bonus play in which you can find coins so you can collect the portraits in your own gallery. Unlimited user accounts means that you can set up different games for different children and customize the level of math for each player. This game is scalable through a child’s elementary education as you can begin with addition 1-10 and slowly add levels all the way through division by 10s making it a good investment. (guest post written by Jane Kelly)

Age group: Grades K-2, Grades 3-5