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Musical Paint Pro

Reviewed on 4/20/15

Choose a color, then “draw” on the canvas and as you do, music follows your actions. Are you making smooth, sweeping motions? Your music will glide along. Are you poking the screen to create dots? Your music will come in single notes to match your rhythm. The pitch is determined by your location on the canvas (experienced musicians might even be able to pick out a scale). You can also paint with multiple fingers at the same time and create harmony! Created by the same app developer as Musical Paint for Kids, but aimed at an older audience. This version allows users to adjust the size of their brush and the opacity of their paint as well as the hue. After a piece of artwork has been created and saved, it offers a playback option that allows listeners to experience the same music that the original artist heard while they were creating the piece and watch the painting re-create itself in time to the music. This feature encourages users to pay attention to the music as much as the visual art they’re creating.

Age group: Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8
Topics: Art, Concepts, Music