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red, multi-legged cute alien floats in a space suit
Reviewed on 8/22/20

In this game, a spaceship crashes on earth and all of the passengers on the ship are scattered into the surrounding areas. One creature, Morphy, remains in the ship and he must go out and locate and return all of his shipmates. Luckily, he has the unique ability to adapt to his surroundings by taking on characteristics of the earth animals he encounters along the way. Players control Morphy's movements and must navigate through this world using direction arrows and a jump key. As new animals are discovered, tap on the animal to add them to Morphy's trait options. You can also access a map of all the different spaces that Morphy discovers. There are many skills and facts hidden within the gameplay of this app! Up to three different player profiles can be saved at one time, and this is a great app for cooperating with another player to brainstorm solutions.

Age group: Grades 3-5