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The Monsters by Tinybop

Reviewed on 12/11/15

Design your own creeptacular monsters, then choose whether you’d like to feed them, photograph them or make them sing into a microphone. There are many monster apps for kids, but this one is set in the most beautifully spooky environment, in which every element of the app ties into the monster-y atmosphere.  When you’re in the monster-creation phase, the “menu bar” looks like an electric eel and you can choose colors or patterns for your monster from flower pods reminiscent of The Little Shop of Horrors. When you’re done creating your monster, play with them in a room filled with picture frames (the monsters live within the frames, but you can move them from frame to frame and they can still interact with you, but they can’t walk around) and feed them things like an apple with a worm poking out of it. The artwork in this app is the real star, creating a spine-tingling atmosphere and elevating the simple gameplay into the realm of older elementary students. If your child wants to take control of the monsters in their imagination, this is a good place to start.  (For monster-making apps for younger or more easily-spooked kids try: DNA Play, Creaturizer, Sago Mini Monsters. For more night-time spooky antics, try Toca Boo.)

Age group: Grades K-2
Topics: Art, Creativity, NBC15