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Monster Mingle

Reviewed on 3/11/16

Explore your monster’s world, re-designing your monster as you go. Enter a wacky world with cartoonish plants, bugs and fish and let your monster be your guide.  As your monster explores the land, sea and sky you will encounter bubbles filled with different monster parts.  If you tap on a bubble with a monster nose, that nose will become a part of your monster.  Want to explore the sky? Find a bubble with wings in it.  Want to swim more quickly underwater?  Seek out some fins! There’s also a few magic potions scattered about that will have a temporary and surprising effect and there are other fun little surprises to discover when you tap on some of the plants and animals your monster encounters. A great, wordless and open-ended world for your child to explore to their heart’s content. Bonus: check out this free printable version of the monsters for some hands-on fun!

Age group: Preschool