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Reviewed on 3/6/15

There are approximately eleventy jillion alphabet apps available on the market today, so it takes something very special for one to catch my eye.  App developer Vector Park is a designer that can pull that trick off. Using clean, modern design and clever animations, users can explore the alphabet and see each letter come to life representing several words that it begins with. (A personal favorite is the capital letter "Y" looking back through a window at lowercase "y" for the word "yesterday."  Deep.) One of the nice things about this app is that it is interesting enough to keep the attention of adults, encouraging exploring the app together with your children. I also appreciate their use of “rare” words (like “amble”) that will help to increase your child’s vocabulary. The app is simple to navigate (though sometimes figuring out what to tap on in order to continue through to the next letter can be a bit of a puzzle--in a good way) and full of amusing surprises.