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Me: A Kid's Diary

A red book with large yellow glasses, big eyes and a small smile on a blue background
Reviewed on 12/16/20

An app that asks kids to explore who they are, how they feel, their hopes and dreams and all of their favorite things. This app is like a diary with prompts.  Some of the questions are ones you might have herad before like, "What's your favorite color?" or  "What does your dream house look like?" and some are a little more unusual like "This color makes me think of hope." Sometimes the app invites users to respond with a photo, a drawing, a voice recording or typed text. Each time you respond to one of the prompts a new prompt bubble will appear, inviting more responses. You can also spend as long as you want designing an avatar that looks just like you (or a totally wild avatar that you imagine you might look like in a fantasy world!).  You can also create avatars of your family and friends and include those in special sections of the app for family and friends. This app could be used alone by kids (each page has a "read to me" button to read any text that's on the screen) or it could be used side-by-side with a grown-up to spark conversations.