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Reviewed on 6/15/15

In the computer programming world, looping is an important tool that allows a command to be run over and over, indefinitely.  In the music world, looping is used to repeat a short segment of music again and again (think dance mix DJ’s). The popular video app, Vine, loops short movie clips into one continuous, never ending film. Loopimal has taken the looping concept and made it easy, silly exploratory fun for even very young children. First, choose from 6 of Yatatoy’s signature animated animals (sloth! octopus!), each swaying calmly to their own unique baseline music waiting for your command. Give them their “instructions” by adding in blocks with a color and shape to the 8 spaces below each animal (each color/shape has its own melodic variant and funky dance move).  Users can create patterns with the color/shape blocks or mix it all up and get crazy. There are no right or wrong answers here! If making one dancing animal loop isn’t enough for you, there’s also an option to have two or four animals dance at a time -- each has their own independent set of color/shape blocks so you can have them doing the same series, or totally different ones and see how the music and movement and colors work together.

Topics: Animals, Music