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Little Mouse's Encyclopedia

Reviewed on 8/20/18

An app perfect for kids who love non-fiction books about nature! In this app, you control a little mouse who explores his charmingly illustrated environment--current options include “Around the Burrow” (included with free initial app download) and “In the Forest” (an in-app purchase add-on). As he wanders around, there are many other plants, insects and animals in the area. To learn more about these other living things, drag the magnifying glass from the side of the screen to the thing you’d like to learn more about and a screen will pop up with some brief factual information about it.  There is no read-to-me option, so users will need to either be able to read it independently or share this book app with someone who can read it aloud. There are 10 different language options! Because the app is made in Prague, some of the plants, birds and insects may not be familiar to US users. The app developers are also working on chapters about the pond and garden.