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Lassa Goes Shopping

person and pink rabbit hold a basket, person has a walllet
Reviewed on 9/9/20

This app is based on a story of two friends (a person named Lassa and a pink rabbit) going shopping. In one segment of the app, you can read the story (there are no recorded narration options, so you'll have to read this one yourself), but there are four other segments!  One is just like the book, but with no words.  Perhaps you'd like to re-tell the story in your own words (or your child can re-tell the story) or maybe you'd like to tell a different story that goes with these pictures?. Another area of the game includes a balance scale game where you can see how much each of the items that Lassa purchased weighs, there's a cash register game, and a segment where you can choose which stores Lassa and the rabbit go to, drag the item they're purchasing into their shopping basket and drag coins to the register in each shop. This app does a great job of taking a simple story and spinning out a number of interesting ways that kids can interact with the story themselves, playing a more active role. Retelling a story is an excellent pre-literacy skill! The app also has six different language options including Frisian, Gronings, Dutch, French, Spanish and English (did you even know all of those were languages?).