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Labo Train (4+)

Cute penguin rides in a green and yellow locomotive on a blue background
Reviewed on 7/18/22

If you know a young kiddo that loves trains then this is the app for them! Labo Lado actually has several train-adjacent apps, but this one is my favorite because of the option for kids to draw their own train cars!  Players start the game by creating a train.  They can choose from pre-made train cars (lots of silly options like a birthday cake car or a watermelon car, plus some more train-looking cars and engines) or draw their own (it absolutely does not need to be train-shaped or even anything-shaped), then they can add all sorts of accessories.  Fancy wheels! numbers! letters! eyeballs! Once they're satisfied with the design, they press play and their customized train shows up on a track and players can shift the lever to decide how fast they want their train to drive. Of course, there's also a train whistle they can blow! Be careful, the last train car is full of apples and there are some parts of the track missing or with stuff in the way.  Fix the tracks for the smoothest ride so you don't lose all of your apples. Cute, intuitive and kids can choose which part of the app they want to spend the most time on.  Just want to design trains? Totally fine.  Want to make a train as fast as possible and get to the part where all the apples bounce out of the last train car? You can do that too! Note: two levels of the app are totally free to play.  I didn't pay to unlock the other levels, so I can't include them in my review, but even if you only use the two free levels there's still loads of opportunities for fun train designs!

Age group: Baby/toddler, Preschool