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Reviewed on 11/28/14

Create Rube Goldberg-like machines in increasingly complex puzzles with multiple correct solutions in this fantastic physics and engineering app. Each puzzle begins with an object that needs to get somewhere else (a cat in a tree whose owner wants it out, for instance), a few pieces of the “machine” already in place, and a tool box at the bottom of the screen stocked with components to help you complete the machine. One of the best parts of the app is the “Create!” section where users have access to a blank scenario and all of the different toolbox components and they are encouraged to design their own original machine. This app is simple enough for young children to enjoy (although some of the puzzles may be too challenging for them to complete on their own), and engaging enough for adults to get hooked on as well -- joint playtime is highly encouraged! The free download includes a generous portion of the app and the rest can be purchased, in-app if your family enjoys playing and wants to solve the rest of the puzzles.  Read more about this app on my blog.

Note: If this app is a little too challenging, try their earlier (and still fantastic) app, Pettson's Inventions.