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Hooked on Phonics--The Big Reading Show

Reviewed on 5/13/15

This app is divided into thirteen “episodes” each featuring two letters of the alphabet (so all 26 are covered) and a lot of laughs. Episodes are organized around themes (Pirate Day! Castle Day!) and each episode has 9 segments which are unlocked as each segment is completed the first time. The animated segments include three check-ins with the perky bird and rhino co-hosts of the show, Lou and Ella, doing sketch comedy related to the theme of the episode, games with a comforting amount of repetition that will reinforce the lessons found in each, and hilarious animated musical videos that had us both giggling out loud. The songs are all very catchy and well-sung and the lyrics are clever enough to encourage close listening. The game also incorporates some “coins” and “stars” but they aren’t a large focus of the app and are used constructively (not just to “buy” stuff within the app). Overall, a really well-made app with a ton of quality content, this app reminded me of the PBS shows of my youth, but with interactive elements that actually require kids to respond, strengthening their potential to learn the content. Well worth the in-app purchase price!


2017 Update: this app is now part of a larger Hooked on Phonics app that is available through a subscription purchase.

Age group: Preschool, Grades K-2