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Gigglebug's Face Race

Reviewed on 4/15/16

Four silly characters challenge you to match their silly faces!  First, choose which character you’d like to mimic: Gigglebug, City Bunny, Barry the Bear or Papa Raisin.  Next, your character will make five REALLY silly faces and you must do your best to imitate them.  The camera takes your picture each time, then the app assigns you a score based on how well you matched the silly face. Top scoring photos are put into a “highscore” page which keeps history beyond your current play session.  (Note: If you have a highly competitive child, this element may frustrate them and take away from the pure silly joy of the app. You can choose to ignore that feature of the app.) A collage of all five photos are made into a “postcard” which you can save onto your camera roll or share on social networks (access to the social networks is safeguarded, at least from pre-readers). This is an app best played by two or more players as a big part of the fun is sharing how silly you look in the photos!

Age group: Preschool, Grades K-2
Topics: Animals