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Gappy Learns Writing

Reviewed on 3/6/15

Most letter-writing apps encourage kids to trace letter shapes but no matter how squiggly their finger traces the pre-determined line, the app creates a perfect-looking letter.  Not the case with Gappy Learns Writing which shows the exact lines that that user’s finger has drawn in all its shaky, scratchy, not-quite-right glory. This gives kids a better sense of their progress and a greater sense of accomplishment as they can see their own improvement over time. The app also includes a coloring page element which also doesn’t auto-fill shapes with a block of color, but allows users to color them in with scribbling just like a crayon or marker on paper.  Within the settings menu, users can customize their experience not only by choosing between upper or lower case, but also 3 different font options. There’s also an encouraging voice that walks users through the app, step-by-step with gentle prompts. A well-designed app for teaching letter formation.

Age group: Preschool, Grades K-2