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Reviewed on 11/10/18

Play around with fitness and nutrition -- how do physical movement and food choices affect our weight? In this app, users first choose a character and workout clothes for that character. Next, they choose from a variety of exercises from crunches to running to cycling and more. They help the character do that activity by swiping or tapping the screen for either a time limit or a set number of repetitions. When each activity is complete, users are awarded a number of stars and can choose to go on to the next exercise or (especially if their character has indicated hunger by imagining food) move into the kitchen area instead.  In the kitchen choose from a wide variety of foods in the refrigerator.  Everything from fruits, veggies and meats (though there is a vegan option if you prefer) to chocolate, donuts, cake and pizza. Users can put food straight into their character's mouth or prepare it first by boiling, chopping, frying, blending or heating it in the microwave. Though there are no limits on which of the prepping actions you can do on the foods (want to throw three cakes in the blender for a smoothie? No problem!), the character will refuse to eat unsafe foods like raw bacon. If you feed your character too much unhealthy food, they will visibly gain weight.  If they exercise enough, their weight will return to their original size. This app is probably best accompanied by a balanced conversation with your child about weight, healthy eating and healthy body image and encouragement to try some of the exercises on the screen for themselves!

Age group: Preschool